Nate Robinson To The NFL?


“You ask people around here. They say, ‘Nate Robinson, his best sport is football.’”
Nate Robinson, the 11-year NBA veteran, announced on YouTube that he intends to try out for NFL teams.

Robinson played cornerback his freshman year at the University of Washington where he played 13 games and started the final six. He finished the season with 34 tackles and two picks.

His former football coach Rick Neuheisel had a glowing endorsement for Robinson in the video. “The guy has what it takes to play football at the highest level.”

Robinson is 31 and just 5’9” (wearing thick soled shoes), but potential NFL suitors need not worry about how he’ll stack up defending jump balls. He leaped over 6’11” Dwight Howard on his way to winning the 2009 NBA Slam Dunk championship.

Although, he has shown his elusiveness in the NBA, why not try his hand out of the backfield in a Darren Sproles-type role? He had a 4.40 40-yard dash in high school and had the hands to play WR in high school.

Realistically, how many teams are looking for a 31-year old NFL rookie who hasn’t played football in 11 years? Answer: the Cleveland Browns?


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