Tom Can Cook And So Can You!


Would you buy a $200 cookbook from Tom Brady? Well, you can’t. For now.

Brady’s cookbook, “TB12 Nutrition Manual”, won’t ship until June, but it’s already sold out on his website.


Sure, the secret to Tom Brady’s life is the way he eats. The supermodel wife, the four Super Bowl rings, all those Uggs in his closet… those are all yours if you eat avocado ice cream (recipe included).

Brady’s first venture into the literary world contains 89 recipes and features a cover made from natural wood that includes laser etching. And in case you were wondering, it’s printed on thick 100-pound text paper. But the fun doesn’t end there. Anyone who forks over two Benjamins will receive additional pages with new or modified recipes.

While following Brady’s recipes, namely the ones that involve baking, make sure you use the correct amount of baking soda. In cupcakes for example, too much baking soda will cause your batter to overflow out of the muffin pan and then sink as if the air has been drained out of your tasty treats.

Another important cooking tip: do not overmix your batter. Overmixing adds too much air to your batter. Your cupcakes will rise will cooking, but that hot air will release causing deflation. Not only will that lead to flat, sad cupcakes, but a four-game suspension.


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