Mickelson’s Head Shot



Fresh off his repayment $931,000 (plus interest) for insider trading, Phil Mickelson is right back being the lovable golfer he was 20 pounds ago.

Phil hasn’t won a tournament since 2013 and he showed some evidence to that this weekend by hooking his drive into the gallery on the right and dinging it off a spectator’s head.

Phil Mickelson made everyone laugh after this scare yesterday.

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“If your head was a touch softer, I’d be in the fairway.”

He made up for the skull denting by signing a glove with a cutesy smiley face and, of course, 10 seconds of TV time for the wounded.


Phil’s right. A baby’s soft skull would have put the ball right in the fairway. But as we learned from Jose Canseco in 1993, the human head deflects round objects with typically more than desired velocity.

The science isn’t clear on this, but there may have been a different result for Canseco had his head not been so enlarged from steroid use.

Don’t worry Jose or random guy who Phil hit, it happens to the best of ‘em.




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