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Reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton has many high-profile endorsements (the man loves to pimp Greek yogurt) and he gets paid handsomely for them.


Well, he just added another culinary powerhouse to his portfolio – Rahim’s Seafood in Atlanta, GA. Though based on the Instagram campaign, it appears to be against his will.

The owner of Rahim’s Seafood posted security footage of Newton in his/her establishment thanking him for shopping.


Love those hashtags.

Rahim told ESPN, “It’s just a way of showing my customers we have all kinds of people coming in, from famous people to athletes.”

Well, yes that’s different. But did they get Cam’s permission to use his image?

“He took pictures with us,” Rahim said. “I’m sure he’s OK with it… It showed he liked the food.”

So, actual pictures with Newton exist, yet they posted security footage on Instagram? Sounds fishy.

If this type of promotion proves successful, other businesses have certainly missed out of some lucrative advertisements.

Another number one draft pick clearly enjoyed the crab legs at Publix.





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