Jäger Bomb

by Schportz on Dec 11, 2016

The Milwaukee Bucks, who currently sit at .500, have gotten some national exposure this year with the emergence of their breakout star Giannis Antetokounmpo. But perhaps the 22-year old star has given the Bucks a bit of unwanted international attention as well. On Thursday, the German liquor company Mast-Jägermeister filed a formal opposition to the registration
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Kobe’s Pre-Finale Copy Editing

by Schportz on Oct 28, 2016

The 2016-17 NBA season kicked off on Tuesday, but new details about Kobe Bryant’s career finale also emerged this week. At a live conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal, where we all go for our breaking sports news, Bryant outlined what he did to get psyched for his 60-point fiasco of a final game.
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Cowboys & Carson: It’s A Match?

by Schportz on Apr 10, 2016

  Fox NFL reporter Peter Schrager appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd last week to talk the NFL Draft. When the topic of the Dallas Cowboys was introduced, Cowherd inquired about their interest in a quarterback with the number four pick. Schrager responded: “As an NFL person told to me, it’s a lot like
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6 God Causes 5-Sec. Violation

by Schportz on Mar 15, 2016

Drake channeled his inner Spike Lee last night courtside as the Toronto Raptors took on the Chicago Bulls at the Air Canada Centre. But instead of inspiring an opponent to drain threes against the home team, he actually had an impact. With 25.8 seconds to play and the Raptors down 3, Drizzy was whispering sweet
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Nate Robinson To The NFL?

by Schportz on Mar 12, 2016

“You ask people around here. They say, ‘Nate Robinson, his best sport is football.’” Nate Robinson, the 11-year NBA veteran, announced on YouTube that he intends to try out for NFL teams. Robinson played cornerback his freshman year at the University of Washington where he played 13 games and started the final six. He finished
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NBA Draft 2015: The Morning After

by Schportz on Jun 26, 2015

  Ahh. the NBA Draft. Where teams hand-pick a superstar, like an injection of rocket fuel in their roster and make a run at the title. Frank Isola of the NY Daily News puts it this way: “You’re not getting a win-now player who is 19 years old in the NBA draft. Guess what? None
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Define “MVP”

by Schportz on Jun 17, 2015

Seems simple, but clearly it’s not. Andre Iguodala took the NBA Finals MVP for 2015 averaging 16.3 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4 assists in the series. His stat line wasn’t what earned the award however. His clutch outside shooting often stifled the Cavs, but his defense of LeBron James was certainly the determining factor. The
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LeBron’s Game for the Throne

by Schportz on Jun 08, 2015

It’s rare to look back on a run-of-the-mill summer weekend and realize you’ve witnessed sports history. The Belmont Stakes gave us American Pharoah and the Triple Crown. And LeBron James had the best triple double in recent memory in the NBA Finals. Two feats that hadn’t been accomplished since ’78 and ’88 respectively. The Triple
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Knicks/Celts Game 2

by Schportz on Apr 20, 2011

Carmelo Anthony closed last night with 42 points and 17 rebounds. The last Knick to have 40 points in the playoffs? Ewing in 1990. Last night underscores why the Knicks gave up so much to get ‘Melo. Not because he can score, but because you can’t win without multiple stars. If either Billups or Stoudemire
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Knicks/Celts Game 1

by Schportz on Apr 18, 2011

Even with a loss, Knicks fans should be pleased with what they saw in Boston last night. New York hasn’t won a playoff game since 2001 and they were a couple calls a three from ‘Melo away from stealing a win on the road against the superior Celtics. What you saw last night was a
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