What Election?

by Schportz on Nov 10, 2016

So, Election Day happened on Tuesday, as it is wont to do. And it was a pretty big deal one might say. Not so much to Nick Saban. The Alabama coach told Chris Vannini of, “I didn’t even know yesterday was Election Day. We’re focused on other things here.” 1. Liar. Since 1845, on
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Belichick Hates Tablets

by Schportz on Oct 19, 2016

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick turned some heads when he Gronk-spiked his Microsoft Surface tablet on the sidelines last week. Belichick took it further during his Tuesday press conference going on a five minute and twenty five second rant about tablets. “As you probably noticed, I’m done with the tablets. They’re just too
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DeAngelo Williams: The Nickelback Running Back

by Schportz on Sep 19, 2016

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams just eclipsed the 10,000-yard mark from scrimmage with 94 yards rushing and 38 yards receiving against the Bengals on Sunday – just the 13th active player to reach that mark. But Williams’ achievement was overshadowed at his postgame press conference. Williams, the 33-year old running back who fills in
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Sheen Supports Kap

by Schportz on Aug 30, 2016

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick made headlines, and plenty of sports talk fodder, over the weekend when he refused to stand for the national anthem. Kap refused to stand for the first two preseason games as well, but because he was in a Niners uniform, this time got noticed. Kaepernick told NFL Media, “I
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Security Cam

by Schportz on Jul 30, 2016

Reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton has many high-profile endorsements (the man loves to pimp Greek yogurt) and he gets paid handsomely for them. Well, he just added another culinary powerhouse to his portfolio – Rahim’s Seafood in Atlanta, GA. Though based on the Instagram campaign, it appears to be against his will. The owner of
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by Schportz on Jul 13, 2016

Chad Johnson, the former wide receiver formerly known as Chad Ochocinco, pleaded on Twitter for a job with the Cleveland Browns. (He may be the only one begging for a job with the Browns.) Well, it worked. Sort of. According to, Johnson will be in attendance at Browns training camp as a mentor of
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Carson Wentz: Terror In The Bathroom

by Schportz on Jun 17, 2016

Carson Wentz, the second pick in April’s NFL Draft and eventual Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback, got into an odorous dilemma this week. He was stuck in a New Jersey gas station bathroom. And in the Gas Station Bathroom Power Rankings, from personal experience I can tell you, NJ gas station bathrooms rank near the bottom.
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Falcons Go With Throwback Prices On Concessions

by Schportz on May 21, 2016

Everyone loves the 90s. And while the JNCO jeans comeback didn’t make an impact on the fashion world,  this throwback should be well-received. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the new home of the Atlanta Falcons in 2017, will feature slashed prices on concessions that are closer to what would have been found at stadiums twenty years ago. Hot
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Tom Can Cook And So Can You!

by Schportz on May 11, 2016

Would you buy a $200 cookbook from Tom Brady? Well, you can’t. For now. Brady’s cookbook, “TB12 Nutrition Manual”, won’t ship until June, but it’s already sold out on his website. Sure, the secret to Tom Brady’s life is the way he eats. The supermodel wife, the four Super Bowl rings, all those Uggs in
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Nate Robinson To The NFL?

by Schportz on Mar 12, 2016

“You ask people around here. They say, ‘Nate Robinson, his best sport is football.’” Nate Robinson, the 11-year NBA veteran, announced on YouTube that he intends to try out for NFL teams. Robinson played cornerback his freshman year at the University of Washington where he played 13 games and started the final six. He finished
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